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1st November 2020




Speedquizzing is an interactive quiz game hosted from a laptop computer and played on smartphones or tablets.


Pleayers take part in the same way they would a pen and paper quiz, but instead of pens and paper, each team uses a free app on their smart devoce, with the presenter reading questions from a latop computer.

How is SpeedQuizzing different to a traditional pub quiz?

  • Rather than having an unspecified amount of time to decide on an answer, teams are given a time-limit during which they input an answer using the keypad on their smart device screen. This gives players considerably less time to attempt to cheat!
  • Answers are submitted by a single tap on the device screen, i.e. first letter of the answer, or multiple-choice (A.B.C.D etc).
  • The answer is revealed after each question, rather than all together at the end of a round or the entire quiz.
  • Scoring is taken care of automatically by the laptop, with the leader-board being accessible throughout the event.
  • SpeedQuizzing uses sound effects which can be amplified through a sound system to create an upbeat lively atmosphere, more in keeping with a TV gameshow than a pen and paper quiz.



3 February, 2020


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31 January, 2020


Something exciting is coming to Jersey in the coming weeks.  Stay tuned for further information.